Google Dart and Flutter

3 verbs or 3 nouns? Can’t tell too much by the names. Names these days have to be catchy, not descriptive of what the do like ‘television’, ‘computer’, or ‘automobile’

As a former, long-time programmer I thought I’d dip my toes in the current software river (you can’t step into the same river twice, they say). These are the tools I ran across. (I’ve been retired nearly 10 years – they are not new tools.)

Installation on a Linux system starts here. They seems to have done a pretty thorough job putting together the installation package for all the pieces till one gets to Android Studio. All the other pieces install without effort, but confirming the install with the command line command ‘flutter doctor’ shows that Android Studio needs to be manually installed. That’s okay – flutter sends you to a page where it says: Download and install Android Studio.

Following that link one goes to an Android page that allows one to download the software, but it doesn’t say how to install it! It turns out the data that was downloaded – if one unzips it – has the installation instructions on it. The first installation instruction:

1. Unpack the Android Studio distribution archive that you downloaded
where you wish to install the program.

While Flutter easily installs on a Linux system, Android Studio requires that you get into whatever flavor Unix is running and learn its Unix conventions which means it takes a couple hours to figure out what is wanted

I spent two hours trying to get Android studio installed and finally gave up. Flutter installs all it can and two Android Studio errors remain. I ran the indicated download script and there was a socket timeout near the end. Ran ‘flutter doctor’ and it showed the screen below. Tried running sdkmanager –install “cmdline-tools;latest”. It appeared to work, but the doctor was still not happy

Was able to download and unzip a standalone cmdline-tools so that the flutter doctor only complained about the license. Running with the –android-licenses gets:

Android sdkmanager not found. Update to the latest Android SDK and ensure that
the cmdline-tools are installed to resolve this.

As I could not find anything named sdkmanager and am not sure where it would have arrived, am giving up on this project as buggy and needlessly complicated.