General Idea

The general idea is to have an organization whose purpose is to facilitate internet and technical details related to efficient and enjoyable pursuit of the homesteading lifestyle. Actually, we are looking for a more descriptive term than homesteading. Our notion involves the tinkering, building, and producing one’s own food, energy and shelter. While we admire the various movements, Homesteading seems to imply more self-sufficiency than we can achieve; green implies more attention to energy balance sheets than we find enjoyable; thinking globally seems too overwhelming. But acting locally sounds good. We like local-steading ; but you get the idea.

Specifically this site describes various activities we’ve tried, in case someone finds them interesting, and possibly improves on them. All such ideas are donated to the public domain. Projects initially described took place in the US Southwest, specifically in the Phoenix, AZ, area. In 2014 we relocated to the Colorado front range.

We are also interested in other web sites that seem provide solid information to build other things a homeowner/tinkerer might find useful.

If you have corrections or other feedback on the project pages, or suggestions for web sites, please contact me.